Is what I’m doing at the moment. Perusing Facebook, adding recipes to my Pinterest page, reading authors’ websites, etc., etc. Basically, I’m avoiding my novel/thesis, which is silly because once I focus, I can usually churn out some decent pages. The problem I’m running into now is ending a section. My female protagonist has been narrating this section, and now it’s time to advance the narrative five years and let my male protagonist take over. I want to wrap up this section, offer some resolution, but introduce future conflict, or at least the possibility of such. I don’t know if these scenes are the right ones to end the section with. Oh, the angst.

No matter what choices I make, I’m happy to move this novel forward.

Aside from running, I’ve stuck to my resolutions. Last night, I submitted a story to three journals. I couldn’t come up with a reason to keep the piece on my hard drive any longer. It’s done. I’m tired of looking at it. If I cannot find a home for it, then I’ll revise it some more (or retire it). I’m going to do the same with another finished short story, and I also have two flash pieces that are ready to go. No expectations, but it feels good to finally say I’m submitting.

I made an amazing broccoli recipe tonight: roasted with garlic, olive oil, lemon, and Parmesan cheese.

Okay, now back to work. Stupid endings.

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