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Trust Your Judgment (or, some final thoughts on the thesis, editing, and feedback)

My novel/thesis project is now at my university, on my advisor’s desk, and I am waiting on her final approval. What a journey! Two years ago, the thought of getting a master’s in writing was little more than a brief … Continue reading

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I suppose a book is never truly finished, but yesterday, I completed a solid draft of my novel/thesis project. There’s much more editing ahead; indeed, the binding copy is due in April, and I will have to revise based on … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends, Again

I have officially not exercised for the past two weeks, unless my two walks count. I’ve been eating cleanly, with the exception of this past weekend, and I generally feel good. One of my kids has been ill this week, … Continue reading

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Is what I’m doing at the moment. Perusing Facebook, adding recipes to my Pinterest page, reading authors’ websites, etc., etc. Basically, I’m avoiding my novel/thesis, which is silly because once I focus, I can usually churn out some decent pages. … Continue reading


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