Resolved, 2013

I don’t believe in resolutions, but I believe in lists. So here, I offer my plans for 2013:

  • Yoga –  really and truly try yoga this year. I bought a Groupon; now, I have to call the studio and get started. I want to be a yoga mom–they seem so serene.
  • Submit – I need send stuff out. Really. I have several finished stories. Rejection can’t be any worse than looking at the files on my computer and thinking: “What if?”
  • Finish the novel – or, at least a solid draft by 30 March. That’s doable, as I need to finish my thesis to graduate in May.
  • Cook – prepare more meals at home and find fabulous veggie recipes.
  • Run – running is awful, but I like how I feel afterwards.

And that’s it! We are celebrating the new year with a crew of good friends, and then it’s back to school and life. Happy New Year!

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