Monday Musings: Running

Today’s topic is running. Last week I wrote about being a shitty meditator; I’m also a shitty runner. But I’m doing it – slowly and painfully – and getting it done.

Every Thanksgiving, there’s a four-mile Race for the Pies in a neighboring community, and my dad and sister run it. I ran it in 2010, during the peak of my CrossFit years when I didn’t have to train at all. This year, one of my daughters wanted to try it, so I signed up with her. I haven’t run since 2011, primarily due to a nasty case of shin splints I developed while overtraining. I found a training program online (Hal Higdon has quite a few) and started running. Slowly. Oh, so slowly. I started at the beginning of September, and while I can now run 3-miles without stopping, I can’t go much faster than 12-minute miles. That’s a far cry from the 9-minute miles I used to run. Again, I remind myself that I’m just getting back into it, that I was never a fast runner to begin with, that I’m doing this race to be with family and not to set some amazing record (or even get a pie). Like meditation and other morning practices, running is a journey, a practice, a habit. Some days, I cruise along, and others I have to walk frequently.

To remain focused, I signed up for a 5-K race supporting the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County. It’ll be my first 5-K since 2011, and I’m excited to get back out there and see how it feels. My goal is to complete it in under 36:00. I may be the last to cross the finish line, but I will keep running. Slowly, steadily, painfully. I will keep running. Like with any journey, you have to keep on going.

Some running resources:

No Meat Athlete podcast – Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, these guys offer good tips on distance running and proper nutrition. Plus, they’re funny and charming.

RunKeeper app – I use the free version to track my runs, and it works great.

FitBit – I love my FitBit. If you’re data-driven, this is a must-have. I track exercise, steps, and sleep on mine.

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