What I’m Reading and Listening To This Week

This week, I’m catching up on my podcasts. I’ve changed my subscribe setting to unsubscribe for all of them, and I’m going through my list and listening to each episode. Here are a few I’m looking forward to hearing:

The Strangers episode from 10/9/15 is titled “My Father’s Bones.” This promises to be an intriguing and moving story – as they always are. Lea Thau does an amazing job finding personal stories that are unusual yet at the same time universally relatable.

I have two Dear Sugar Radio shows to listen to. One is about a husband’s pot habit, and the other is about a variety of topics, including incriminating texts and a relationship conundrum.

I love traveling, but time and money make it an infrequent event. For my armchair voyages, I rely on Travel with Rick Steves. I have four episodes in my queue, and I’ll start with the 10/4/15 episode about Spanish music and life in the International Space Station.

Reading-wise, I’m flipping through two books: Plant-Based Diet for Dummies and Dark Side of the Universe. I’m reading the latter for research for a short story. As far as the diet book goes, I’m looking for new recipes and am always looking to increase my plant consumption.

What are you reading and listening to this week?

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