Updating, again

I am a lousy blogger. It was helpful when I had to regularly update this blog for one of my classes – there’s something about being held accountable! Now, nearly a year after graduation and close to seven months of teaching, I return to this blog, guilty of abandoning it. It’s been a rewarding, fruitful year: two publications, teaching again after a long hiatus to raise my kids, taking care of some projects around my home. Still, I love blogging and the sense of connection it brings. I look forward to my Monday morning emails from all the blogs I follow. And I apologize for not regularly updating mine.

Some good news, my short story “Balloons” has been accepted by The Black Fox Literary Magazine and will appear in the next issue. I’m honored and delighted.

I have one more story from grad school that’s still making the rounds. I spent this morning researching journals via Duotrope and The Review Review to find new places for submissions. I have a few ideas for some new short stories (or flash, depending on what happens during the first draft), and I have updated my novel with a POV change. It’s almost ready for querying! 

I’ve taken over another 1:1 history course at school, and I am teaching World History, WWII onward. I think that’s where my writing time has gone to – research. I’m going to take a course on EdX about China. I’m also drafting lesson plans and reading books (Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters and The Bomb) as I prepare for the fourth quarter. Eleven weeks, and it’s summer!

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