On Making Writing a Priority (Again!)

Yesterday, I worked on my novel for the first time in over three months. I edited around 20 pages: light editing on the first ten, and a complete rewrite of a crucial scene for the latter pages. Following that task, I spent a couple hours reviewing submissions guidelines for several literary journals and submitting a story to those accepting stories at the moment (most are closed until September). It felt good to be concentrating on writing again. I shouldn’t have neglected it as long as I had.

It’s funny how life gets in the way of what is so important and valuable. When I finished my novel/thesis in April, I intended to let it rest until mid-June, at the latest. There was a family wedding in May, and we had vacation plans at the beginning of June. Then, I promised myself, I will revisit the novel, after taking some time away from it. After detaching from it. Life happened, however. We scheduled another trip, this one to New Hampshire for ten days to visit my family. I found a job, and while I’ve only been tutoring a few hours each week, I’ve been preparing a curriculum for the language arts class I’ll be teaching daily this fall. The kids are at home for the summer—playdates, doctors’ appointments, camps, library trips, etc. It’s been so easy to neglect writing.

I’ve fallen in this trap before, letting life distract me from what truly nurtures me, what I value (not to mention the fact that I just invested $$$ into a writing program). Family and work are important, but I have to make room for writing, make it a triumvirate of priorities. Family, work, writing, and not always in that order. That’s today’s pep talk, a re-resolution, and one I hope to adhere to.

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