Small indulgences and the like

Last week, it rained nearly non-stop, which is a fairly rare occurrence in this part of Florida (tropical storms excepted). Practices and other outdoor activities were cancelled, and it made for a lovely, lazy week. Parenting is a seldom lazy life, and it was good to have a few days where I didn’t have to jump in the car and drive around for hours.

I neglected to recommend something for last week, so I’ll combine it with this week’s, a day early since I am traveling tomorrow. Small indulgences. In honor of Mother’s Day, but really, I’m thinking of the little moments that any mom or dad finds in the midst of all the busyness to breathe and enjoy something for her- or himself. Last week, as thunder rattled the windows and the rain pebbled against the glass, I poured a glass of wine and watched a re-run of the original “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Oh, the angst, the early ’90’s fashion statements. Long floral dresses, suspenders, dark lipstick and darkened eyebrows. It was the season four ender: Brandon goes to Washington, D.C., and Kelly follows him. Brenda is going to London/being written off the show. Good times.

My other small indulgence for this week is a manicure. I get maybe three a year, and today was one of them. My manicurist gave the best hand and arm massage, and my nails are a lovely shade of lilac (Essie’s “Love & Acceptance”). Of course, I smudged them while buckling my seatbelt, but still, they are pretty.

Now, back to preparing for travel, looking over a story nearly ready for submission, and working on the job hunt. Have a great weekend!

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