Worth Reading #3: List!

Good books I’ve read recently:

Committed: a skeptic makes peace with marriage, Elizabeth Gilbert. The follow-up to Eat, Pray, Love, but more of an intimate, thoughtful reflection on the meanings of marriage. Why do we get married? Gilbert asks. Why should I?

The Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg, Deborah Eisenberg. I’m treating myself to a story per day. Just fascinating, quirky, lovely pieces.

Dear Life, Alice Munro. I want to write like Munro when I grow up.

Some journals that I love:

The Sun. Provocative and personal—and “Readers Write” has some of the most engaging, intimate pieces.

TheRumpus.net. Came for “Dear Sugar” and stayed for the excellent essays and interviews. I subscribe through Google Reader and spend about an hour each day reading it. Anything by Roxane Gay is worth reading.

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