Paleo Progress

I once briefly kept a blog with that same title. Unfortunately, it bored me writing about what I ate daily and how I felt. I love reading other Paleo/Primal and food related blogs, however, just not keeping my own.

With the upcoming holidays and a recent Paleo podcast-listening marathon, I have eating habits on the brain. I have downloaded and listened to multiple episodes of “The Paleo View,” and I have the latest “BTR: Balanced Bites” on my playlist. Perhaps it has been due to overindulging in desserts, wine, and various gluten-laden treats, but I’ve been feeling slow and puffy. I’m trying to resume eating a cleaner, Paleo-style diet: meat, good fats like avocado and nuts, and fruits and veggies for my carbs.

The first time I heard of Paleo eating was when I belonged to a boot camp gym. While I left the gym following several injuries, I stuck to the eating style popular with its trainers and members. When I avoid sugar, gluten, and grains, I feel better. I have more energy, and my jeans fit better. (Which is not to say that I perfectly adhere to the plan, but I aim for the 80/20 rule and end up around 75/25.)

My classes end this week, and in my Nurturing the Creative Spirit course, I have been writing a lot about self-care, how writing isn’t only a matter of opening my laptop every morning, but also living a life that benefits the physical body. Healthy mind, healthy body, etc. I’m tired of being in a sugar fog, so by resuming the Paleo diet, I hope to regain some energy, both physical and mental.

Some of my favorite Paleo sites:

Everyday Paleo (I have this cookbook, and it’s awesome!)

Balanced Bites (Practical Paleo is on my Christmas list.)

The Paleo Mom and Paleo Parents (Co-hosts of “The Paleo View”)

And even though it’s not a true “Paleo” blog (rather, it focuses on gluten-free), Cannelle et Vanille is gorgeous!

Happy eating!


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