Titles make me nervous. That is, titling my own pieces is difficult. I lack the creativity to come up with a succinct, clever group of words to capture the essence of my work. Hence, stories, finished or not, linger in my Google docs with names like NaNo2009 and Story 2004. I figure if I ever get close to publishing something, I will have a brilliant beta-reader who will suggest the perfect title. Right??

That said, I’ll take inspiration wherever its found, and on the drive home from the grocery store this afternoon, it hit me: Story 2005, my novel-in-progress begun in the winter of 2005, is Be With Me. No, it’s not original. In fact, it’s the title of a movie from Singapore I recently saw, a beautiful meditation on love and the need for connection (and the closest to a poem, as far as films go). But it works for this piece, for now. And it’s nice to have a working title, which somehow lends more purpose to the piece.

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